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Fresh Produce Auction

This wholesale produce auction enables farmers to find buyers while avoiding burdensome storage and transportation costs. And the resulting profits stay in the local community. Continue reading

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Buy American Sources

The cart stops here. Continue reading

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5 Steps You Can Take To Save Honeybees

94% of US corn crop is treated with bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides Continue reading

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Neighborhood Cows and Pigs: Real Food Sovereignty

The more we bring responsibility for food back to our households, neighborhoods, and local regions the more we free ourselves from international market forces that affect our food supply. Continue reading

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Helping Honeybees

How to understand and help honeybees. Continue reading

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Chew On Your Landscape

Make your yard edible. Continue reading

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Outing A Radical Homemaker

Who you calling a radical homemaker? Continue reading

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Learning From Elder Farmers

Losing small farms also means that the wisdom of farmers like Ron will be left behind at an ever faster pace. This includes specific wisdom about the land and wider wisdom about ways to live. Continue reading

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How To Celebrate A Cow’s Birthday

Isabelle shows gratitude with copious drool. It’s her birthday today. She takes pieces of carrot, apple, broccoli and rutabaga from my fingers gently, her large soft lips careful and delicate against my skin. She gives each mouthful a few bites … Continue reading

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Wealth in Connections

We depend on the land to feed us. We cannot allow agribusiness to degrade our nation’s true wealth. Continue reading

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