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These People Cook 1,000 Thanksgiving Dinners From Scratch

Who is crazy enough to feed 1,000 people anyway? Continue reading

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Fresh Produce Auction

This wholesale produce auction enables farmers to find buyers while avoiding burdensome storage and transportation costs. And the resulting profits stay in the local community. Continue reading

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Good Price on Honey? It’s Fake.

If you buy your honey from the grocery store, big box store, or drug store what is in that bottle isn’t real honey. Continue reading

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Creative Tactics For Eating Frugally & Well

Nine tactics for eating well on the cheap. Continue reading

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Yes We Can

When we can’t grow enough, we head to the wholesale produce auction. Continue reading

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Small Farms Create More Jobs

excerpt: “All the ways being proposed to increase jobs right now are the same old methods that do not face the real cause of the dilemma. The awful truth is that we have created an economy that can’t afford people … Continue reading

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Who Should Be Called A “Farmer?”

Are backyard chicken raisers, urban farmers, or homesteaders really “farmers?” Continue reading

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