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Is Communal Cooking For You?

Large batch cooking is a fun way to take the burden out of making meals. Build community over the stove, together. Continue reading

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Feast & Famine

Putting food by teaches us what it must have been like for generations before us. It may tell us why they feasted at the holidays too. Continue reading

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Good Price on Honey? It’s Fake.

If you buy your honey from the grocery store, big box store, or drug store what is in that bottle isn’t real honey. Continue reading

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Creative Tactics For Eating Frugally & Well

Nine tactics for eating well on the cheap. Continue reading

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Get Cultured With Homemade Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is one of the easiest lacto-fermented foods to make at home. Continue reading

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Chew On Your Landscape

Make your yard edible. Continue reading

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12 Ways To Raise Healthy Happy Eaters

No need for nagging, bribing, or power plays. Raising kids who love to eat healthy food just takes a creative and relaxed approach to eating Continue reading

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Thanks to Mom, We Raised Turkeys

Find out what inspired us to raise turkeys and what we learned along the way about tradition, turkey behavior, and what’s really important. Continue reading

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We Don’t Eat Raspberries in Winter

Eating locally isn’t a trend. It’s a return to a way of life that makes sense. Find out how. Continue reading

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