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Yonder Basement Window Glows Strangely Pink

We have been starting seeds indoors for decades. There’s something enormously heartening about tucking tiny seeds into pots while March winds howl outside. In a few months those pale specks will result in glossy eggplants, huge squash, fiery peppers, and … Continue reading

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The Method Is The Mindset

After all these years of the most gentle approach possible, I seem to be shedding the hairshirt of idealism that has always made gardening so difficult. It’s pretty obvious that these methods are easier. Much, much easier. Continue reading

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Year Round Indoor Salad Gardening, Fuss Free

Cold room, old seeds, and yet we’ve got tender flavorful salad greens thanks to the process Peter Burke’ shares in Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening. Continue reading

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Indoor Seed Starting Problem Solved

We were shocked by a 95% non-germination rate. The few seedlings that emerged died within days. Continue reading

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Good Gardening Intentions Not So Evident

I mistake watermelon radish sprouts for weeds and pull them all out. The row I replanted, thinking the beets didn’t germinate, now contains both beets and arugula. Volunteer tomatillo plants plague me. Continue reading

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Gardener’s Quotes

Quotes and images from our summer garden. Continue reading

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Gee, That’s Huge

An arbor for growing hardy kiwis. Or is it Kiwihenge? Continue reading

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The Resilient Gardener: A Must-Have Book

This is becoming my go-to book. Continue reading

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Gathering Handfuls of Autumn

Harvest is a bounty of beauty. Continue reading

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Garlic-Scented Opinions

Is there such a thing as garlic seeds? The lazy gardener knows. Continue reading

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