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Beware Of Gifts

Zucchini may look innocent. Actually it’s plotting to take over. Continue reading

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Summer Scenes From The Farm

Everything is growing, including new Jersey calf Clovis. Continue reading

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What About Weed Control?

Ever heard of using blue jeans to control weeds? That’s how desperate I’ve become. Continue reading

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Curmudgeonly Spring Welcome

Early spring is too early. Continue reading

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Why We Save Seeds

Saving seeds is the most basic gardening tradition, but we can’t expect anything to grow from hybrid and GM plants. Continue reading

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Creative Tactics For Eating Frugally & Well

Nine tactics for eating well on the cheap. Continue reading

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Morning Glory Invasion

My grandfather didn’t have much time to pass along the wisdom he’d accumulated, but he liked to take his grandchildren out to the garden. There he’d show us the way to make snapdragons open their “mouths” and where on the … Continue reading

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Iced Tea Spoon Garden Markers

Make plant markers from iced tea spoons. Continue reading

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Pioneer Delusions Doused

These last few months have doused any pioneer delusions I might have harbored. Continue reading

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Eye-Level Planting

When we’re on the ground right next to our plants we see and smell them more intensely, sense the health of the soil around them, somehow engage more fully in the experience. Continue reading

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