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I Ate The Cosmos For Breakfast

Gratitude, perfectly expressed. Continue reading

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Praying Kind

  Praying Kind   I’m not much for church-y praying. Especially the kind where you say somebody else’s words, expecting them to snag off you like a match dragged across the sandpaper of your particular circumstances so as to flare … Continue reading

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Use Till Tattered

Just past frugality there’s a sort of a Velveteen Rabbit feeling about objects worn from use. Is this something others experience or am I more odd than I realize? Continue reading

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What The Plants Say

Poem by Tom Hennen. Continue reading

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Outdoor Photos

“You will notice that nearly every needle has been decorated with a tiny raindrop ornament. Look closely inside the drop and there you are. In color. Upside down.” Continue reading

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Everything’s Lusher

A poem of awe is the best antidote. Continue reading

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My New Book Is Out!

A poetry collection rooted in nature, family, and stubbornly hopeful ideals. Continue reading

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Tangling & Interweaving

Live a life you can endure. Continue reading

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Moo Energy

Science lesson, humor, and rhyme. Plus flatus! Continue reading

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Hard Frost

Hard Frost It’s there, right past the impulse to give up. It turns apples, small, pocked with holes into pie and cobbler breathing spice through the kitchen. Gathers butternut squash, turnips and beets using the worst first, putting the best … Continue reading

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