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I Ate The Cosmos For Breakfast

Gratitude, perfectly expressed. Continue reading

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Praying Kind

  Praying Kind   I’m not much for church-y praying. Especially the kind where you say somebody else’s words, expecting them to snag off you like a match dragged across the sandpaper of your particular circumstances so as to flare … Continue reading

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Use Till Tattered

Just past frugality there’s a sort of a Velveteen Rabbit feeling about objects worn from use. Is this something others experience or am I more odd than I realize? Continue reading

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What The Plants Say

Poem by Tom Hennen. Continue reading

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Outdoor Photos

“You will notice that nearly every needle has been decorated with a tiny raindrop ornament. Look closely inside the drop and there you are. In color. Upside down.” Continue reading

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Everything’s Lusher

A poem of awe is the best antidote. Continue reading

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My New Book Is Out!

A poetry collection rooted in nature, family, and stubbornly hopeful ideals. Continue reading

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