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Appreciating Diversity: Eggs, Orange Juice, One Another

The same flock of chickens, even the same breed, lays fascinatingly diverse eggs. But chances are you’ve never seen them. In part, that’s because hens in a commercial operation don’t live out their natural lifespan, so the rippled, dimpled, and … Continue reading

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Global Village Construction Set

It’s possible to plant 50 trees in one afternoon. To press 5,000 bricks from the dirt beneath your feet in one day. To build an affordable tractor in six days. Continue reading

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Good Gardening Intentions Not So Evident

I mistake watermelon radish sprouts for weeds and pull them all out. The row I replanted, thinking the beets didn’t germinate, now contains both beets and arugula. Volunteer tomatillo plants plague me. Continue reading

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Perfect Winter Day

Snow-adorned farm. I appreciate the invigorating effect of cold and winter’s quiet beauty. Continue reading

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Politeness Recovery

I aim to give up only the parts of my Good Girl upbringing that hold me back from my eventual goal of becoming a rowdy old lady. Continue reading

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Imagine An Energy Fingerprint

Imagine what we leave behind is a fingerprint of energy. Continue reading

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Mud & Joy

“The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.” e.e.cummings Continue reading

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Anticipating Ever Greater Peace

We are looking forward to a peaceful year in 2009 and beyond. Why? There are excellent reasons everywhere we look. In part it has to do with amplifying the good rather than spending so much energy on the negative. A … Continue reading

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Seeing The Higher Good

These are challenging times. Yet struggle can help us break through limitations, identify our core values, and find ourselves more aligned with our true purpose. The limiting structures around us are breaking down as well. We see this as inflexible … Continue reading

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