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Bring Back The Sharing Shed

When a friend moved to a small town in Maine, years ago, she enjoyed telling me how different life was there than in Ohio. Of all the contrasts, the two most fascinating to me were direct governance using the town … Continue reading

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Use Till Tattered

Just past frugality there’s a sort of a Velveteen Rabbit feeling about objects worn from use. Is this something others experience or am I more odd than I realize? Continue reading

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Global Village Construction Set

It’s possible to plant 50 trees in one afternoon. To press 5,000 bricks from the dirt beneath your feet in one day. To build an affordable tractor in six days. Continue reading

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Stocking Up, Spring Style

Spring means time to stock up to make summer more relaxing. Continue reading

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Making Misery Into A Memorable Christmas

The Christmas miracle is one we make happen for someone else. Continue reading

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The Antidote Is Awe

Antidote to pressure and stress is nearby, wherever nature is found. It’s called awe. Continue reading

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Speaking Through Gifts

There’s meaning embedded in our gifts. We have certain intentions as we shop, wrap, anticipate giving, and finally offer the gift. Our efforts try to say something. What? It’s complicated. Our gifts say different things to different people. Continue reading

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We Don’t Eat Raspberries in Winter

Eating locally isn’t a trend. It’s a return to a way of life that makes sense. Find out how. Continue reading

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What’s With Materialism Anyway?

Offering the occasional post from Farm Wench’s main blog where she writes about learning, simplicity, and other cheerful topics. You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?” Steven Wright   When times are hard, my husband and I tend … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Repurposing

“Repurposing” is a strangely awkward word. Our ancestors didn’t need a name for the frugal and often creative uses they found to reuse objects. Continue reading

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