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Held Hostage By Fruit Flies

Tiny bugs force grown human to change her plans. Like a horror movie, plus pie. Continue reading

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Alleged Devil Worshipper Takes Sick Day

Another joy of rural living. A gesture of love appears to others as a sign of devil worship. Continue reading

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Moo Energy

Science lesson, humor, and rhyme. Plus flatus! Continue reading

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Beware Of Gifts

Zucchini may look innocent. Actually it’s plotting to take over. Continue reading

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WHAT Is In Your Yard?

The next big yard ornamentation trend: Pipehenge. Continue reading

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Five Ways To Ease The Crazy Busy Syndrome

Holiday stress? Fight back with these proven tactics. Continue reading

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Sarcasm & Self-Sufficiency

“Come here Slug Weasel,” she commands. Obediently her younger brother does as she bids, helping her carry 50 pound bags of chicken feed to the barn. They chat pleasantly on the way. By pleasantly I mean he doesn’t just point … Continue reading

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Idleness Is Not The Devil’s Workshop

What can be learned from eating dirt. Continue reading

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“Great Things” Aren’t Always So Great

If built using the newest Great Thing your porch may fall off the house. Ours nearly did. Continue reading

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