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Outdoor Photos

“You will notice that nearly every needle has been decorated with a tiny raindrop ornament. Look closely inside the drop and there you are. In color. Upside down.” Continue reading

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Good Gardening Intentions Not So Evident

I mistake watermelon radish sprouts for weeds and pull them all out. The row I replanted, thinking the beets didn’t germinate, now contains both beets and arugula. Volunteer tomatillo plants plague me. Continue reading

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Singing About Nature

Songs for gardeners. Continue reading

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Is Nature Somewhere Else?

We tend to think of nature as separate. We imagine spending time “out there” hiking in some remote wilderness, drinking from mountain streams and observing creatures that have never faced highway traffic. There, in a place far from our busy lives, we might find peace, tranquility and some kind of deep connection to what is real.

If. We. Just. Found. Time. To. Get. There.

That’s part of the problem. Continue reading

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Rising Up Rooted

One of our favorite picture books tells the story of a boy and his father who built a cabin in the woods. They made it strong to keep the forest’s creatures out and constructed a tight fence around the garden … Continue reading

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Can’t See?

Find out how spending too much time indoors actually limits what we see, causing nearsightedness. Continue reading

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On The Death Of A Snapping Turtle

I’m sure we all have different opinions about what constitutes danger. Maybe the way we frame this says a lot about our worldview. Continue reading

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Muir’s Philosophy

“As long as I live I’ll hear the birds & the winds & the waterfalls sing. I’ll interpret the rocks & learn the language of flood & storm & avalanche.” John Muir Continue reading

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