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Rest in Peace Isabelle

Hers was a presence that will not be forgotten. Continue reading

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Isabelle’s Life: Gently Raising Dairy Cows

The life every cow deserves. That’s Isabelle’s life. Read about her life on Bit of Earth Farm. Continue reading

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Moo Energy

Science lesson, humor, and rhyme. Plus flatus! Continue reading

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Bovine Joy

Cows belong outdoors, where they dance for joy. Continue reading

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Cover Girl Cow

Cow gets more than her 15 minutes of fame. Continue reading

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Neighborhood Cows and Pigs: Real Food Sovereignty

The more we bring responsibility for food back to our households, neighborhoods, and local regions the more we free ourselves from international market forces that affect our food supply. Continue reading

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How To Celebrate A Cow’s Birthday

Isabelle shows gratitude with copious drool. It’s her birthday today. She takes pieces of carrot, apple, broccoli and rutabaga from my fingers gently, her large soft lips careful and delicate against my skin. She gives each mouthful a few bites … Continue reading

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