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Grass Knows Something

“The realization of the aliveness of the non-human is the crack in the paradigm, a shift from understanding nature as passive, unfeeling, and mechanical, to seeing the non-human all around us as aware.” Continue reading

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Is Nature Somewhere Else?

We tend to think of nature as separate. We imagine spending time “out there” hiking in some remote wilderness, drinking from mountain streams and observing creatures that have never faced highway traffic. There, in a place far from our busy lives, we might find peace, tranquility and some kind of deep connection to what is real.

If. We. Just. Found. Time. To. Get. There.

That’s part of the problem. Continue reading

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Muir’s Philosophy

“As long as I live I’ll hear the birds & the winds & the waterfalls sing. I’ll interpret the rocks & learn the language of flood & storm & avalanche.” John Muir Continue reading

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