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Grass Knows Something

“The realization of the aliveness of the non-human is the crack in the paradigm, a shift from understanding nature as passive, unfeeling, and mechanical, to seeing the non-human all around us as aware.” Continue reading

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Global Village Construction Set

It’s possible to plant 50 trees in one afternoon. To press 5,000 bricks from the dirt beneath your feet in one day. To build an affordable tractor in six days. Continue reading

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Small Farms Create More Jobs

excerpt: “All the ways being proposed to increase jobs right now are the same old methods that do not face the real cause of the dilemma. The awful truth is that we have created an economy that can’t afford people … Continue reading

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A Moment In The Great Turning

The very ordinary process of making soup and cheese is something precious, no less than the very remarkable process of taking part in a transformational epoch. Continue reading

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