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Turning Pumpkins Into Milk & Eggs

Jack-o-lanterns have another use. Continue reading

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Oh Honeybees, We Hardly Knew Ye

Beekeepers report 78% percent increase in bee loss over the winter. Continue reading

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Saving A Neighbor’s Farm

Can crowdfunding save a neighbor’s farm? Continue reading

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The Queen’s Gift, Gone

What we found when checking the beehives after a long winter. Continue reading

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5 Steps You Can Take To Save Honeybees

94% of US corn crop is treated with bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides Continue reading

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What Kids Learn On The Farm

What can children learn on the farm? Continue reading

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Small Farms Create More Jobs

excerpt: “All the ways being proposed to increase jobs right now are the same old methods that do not face the real cause of the dilemma. The awful truth is that we have created an economy that can’t afford people … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Cows and Pigs: Real Food Sovereignty

The more we bring responsibility for food back to our households, neighborhoods, and local regions the more we free ourselves from international market forces that affect our food supply. Continue reading

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Thanks to Mom, We Raised Turkeys

Find out what inspired us to raise turkeys and what we learned along the way about tradition, turkey behavior, and what’s really important. Continue reading

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Hay Now

The living skin of our Earth is thin, wildly complex and more interconnected than we might imagine. That’s why, when I look out over the woodlands on our land, the pastures our cattle graze on, the hayfields—I am reassured. The continuous ground cover of pasture or forest protects the soil. Perennial hay fields, pastures and woodlands allow organic matter to build naturally. Continue reading

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