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Biggest Change Yet

Sometimes dedication is downright luminous. Continue reading

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Tangling & Interweaving

Live a life you can endure. Continue reading

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Eye-Level Planting

When we’re on the ground right next to our plants we see and smell them more intensely, sense the health of the soil around them, somehow engage more fully in the experience. Continue reading

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Hay Now

The living skin of our Earth is thin, wildly complex and more interconnected than we might imagine. That’s why, when I look out over the woodlands on our land, the pastures our cattle graze on, the hayfields—I am reassured. The continuous ground cover of pasture or forest protects the soil. Perennial hay fields, pastures and woodlands allow organic matter to build naturally. Continue reading

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Wealth in Connections

We depend on the land to feed us. We cannot allow agribusiness to degrade our nation’s true wealth. Continue reading

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