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Remedies To Charm, Not Harm

Springtime means it’s time to include nettle in each jar of iced tea I brew. It helps keep hay fever at bay. And time to chop fresh mint, dandelion, and cilantro in salads. I’m convinced it does wonders to keep … Continue reading

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Sarcasm & Self-Sufficiency

“Come here Slug Weasel,” she commands. Obediently her younger brother does as she bids, helping her carry 50 pound bags of chicken feed to the barn. They chat pleasantly on the way. By pleasantly I mean he doesn’t just point … Continue reading

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Why Kids Belong In The Kitchen

Nine ways cooking helps your child learn. Continue reading

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Outing A Radical Homemaker

Who you calling a radical homemaker? Continue reading

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Small Town Values Bitch-Slap The Economic Crisis

We’re angry, and we have pitchforks. Continue reading

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