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The Queen’s Gift, Gone

What we found when checking the beehives after a long winter. Continue reading

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Up Close & Personal Introduction To Fracking

It looks like fracking is coming right next to our little farm. Continue reading

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Alleged Devil Worshipper Takes Sick Day

Another joy of rural living. A gesture of love appears to others as a sign of devil worship. Continue reading

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WHAT Is In Your Yard?

The next big yard ornamentation trend: Pipehenge. Continue reading

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Summer Scenes From The Farm

Everything is growing, including new Jersey calf Clovis. Continue reading

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What Kids Learn On The Farm

What can children learn on the farm? Continue reading

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Cover Girl Cow

Cow gets more than her 15 minutes of fame. Continue reading

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Pioneer Delusions Doused

These last few months have doused any pioneer delusions I might have harbored. Continue reading

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Unintentional Farm Art

Finding art on the farm. Continue reading

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Mud & Joy

“The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.” e.e.cummings Continue reading

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