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Best of the Net: Poultry Raising Hacks

The best ideas from the net’s top 100 sites for raising chickens and ducks. Continue reading

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Cooking For Chickens

Chickens can’t eat potato peels. That is, unless those peels are cooked. Same for some other foods you may be tossing in the compost pile! Continue reading

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Use Till Tattered

Just past frugality there’s a sort of a Velveteen Rabbit feeling about objects worn from use. Is this something others experience or am I more odd than I realize? Continue reading

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Fresh Produce Auction

This wholesale produce auction enables farmers to find buyers while avoiding burdensome storage and transportation costs. And the resulting profits stay in the local community. Continue reading

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The Resilient Gardener: A Must-Have Book

This is becoming my go-to book. Continue reading

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Stocking Up, Spring Style

Spring means time to stock up to make summer more relaxing. Continue reading

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Is Communal Cooking For You?

Large batch cooking is a fun way to take the burden out of making meals. Build community over the stove, together. Continue reading

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