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Bring Back The Sharing Shed

When a friend moved to a small town in Maine, years ago, she enjoyed telling me how different life was there than in Ohio. Of all the contrasts, the two most fascinating to me were direct governance using the town … Continue reading

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Kindness In Trying Times

I have never felt more a member of my community than now, when none of us can get together. Last week I posted a question on our community Facebook page. I have a diagnosis that puts me in a risk … Continue reading

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Global Village Construction Set

It’s possible to plant 50 trees in one afternoon. To press 5,000 bricks from the dirt beneath your feet in one day. To build an affordable tractor in six days. Continue reading

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Anti-Pipeline Resolution Passes!

Our little township passed a resolution against the massive pipeline scheduled to be constructed in Northeast Ohio in 2015. Here’s info about the effects of pipelines on safety and property values, as well as full text of the resolution. Continue reading

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These People Cook 1,000 Thanksgiving Dinners From Scratch

Who is crazy enough to feed 1,000 people anyway? Continue reading

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Fresh Produce Auction

This wholesale produce auction enables farmers to find buyers while avoiding burdensome storage and transportation costs. And the resulting profits stay in the local community. Continue reading

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Who Is Stealing Your Mail?

A service accorded to you back in 1775 is starting to go away. Do you know what’s happening? Continue reading

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Is Communal Cooking For You?

Large batch cooking is a fun way to take the burden out of making meals. Build community over the stove, together. Continue reading

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Mentor: Fancy Name For Grown-Ups Kids Need

What happens to a little boy who wanders the neighborhood asking to help? Continue reading

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