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The Antidote Is Awe

Antidote to pressure and stress is nearby, wherever nature is found. It’s called awe. Continue reading

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Pioneer Delusions Doused

These last few months have doused any pioneer delusions I might have harbored. Continue reading

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Don’t Overlook Gratitude’s Shadow Side

I’m all about sweetness and light. Heck, I’m such a gratitude junkie that I write letters of appreciation to strangers. But there’s a flip side, one we shouldn’t ignore. Continue reading

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A Moment In The Great Turning

The very ordinary process of making soup and cheese is something precious, no less than the very remarkable process of taking part in a transformational epoch. Continue reading

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Seeing The Higher Good

These are challenging times. Yet struggle can help us break through limitations, identify our core values, and find ourselves more aligned with our true purpose. The limiting structures around us are breaking down as well. We see this as inflexible … Continue reading

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