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Isabelle has gotten more attention than most bovines. I don’t mean cool hose baths on hot days, vigorous brushing, walks outside the pasture gate, or being hand fed apples and carrots (although she gets this attention too).

No, I mean that Isabelle inspires publicity. An article about how she taught her overly confident keepers plenty of humbling animal husbandry lessons appeared in Grit a few years ago. An article about her bucolic existence, especially compared to most cattle, appeared in Culinate last year. My daughter, the real cattle wrangler here, wrote her college entrance essay about what tending a cow taught her and still writes about Isabelle  on farming boards. And Isabelle is often pictured when I blog about haying, respect for animals, and other ruminations. (Hah, ruminating about ruminants.)

Now Isabelle is a cover girl. She’s featured on the cover of the Jeffers Livestock catalog. This company came out with a lightweight fly mask to keep insects from a cow’s eyes. My daughter took a photo of Isabelle gratefully wearing her new, zebra-style mask and that photo won the Jeffers contest. Isabelle can be seen in the print and online version of the company catalog, calm as ever. After all, she’s used to the buzz. (Hah, and buzzing flies.)

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Laura Grace Weldon is the author of four books and served as 2019 Ohio Poet of the Year. She's the editor of Braided Way: Faces & Voices of Spiritual Practice. She works as a book editor, teaches writing workshops, and maxes out her library card each week.
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9 Responses to Cover Girl Cow

  1. loubelcher says:

    I love the mask… Does Isabella have a wardrobe of them in different fabrics and designs? She certainly is very photogenic.

    • Laura Weldon says:

      The mask, oddly, only comes in the one style. Someone in the bovine mask-making business has a sense of humor.

      • Kirby Allen says:

        Next year Jeffers will have 3 sizes and more styles to choose from. Bulls, cows, and calves will be stylin’ everywhere. On a side note I think that is Gertie in the fly mask. Is she a stand in? Where is that rock star Isabelle?

      • Laura Weldon says:

        I think you’re right Kirby. My mistake. I changed the photo (apologies to Gertie) and now rock star girl is pictured.

  2. Kirby Allen says:

    Gertie needed her 5 minutes of fame. Maybe they could share the spot light. For some reason your Jeffers Livestock link does not seem to be working. I think all cows need fly masks. They have made such a difference for my cows. Not only for flies but 3 of mine have allergies from the pollens. Now they have clear eyes and seem so much happier.

    • Sandy says:

      I agree with you, that all cows need fly masks. I feel so bad for mine if she doesn’t have protection from those pesky flies. She’s miserable. When I put the mask on it made a whole world of difference. It makes her so much more content and happy. Mine got bitten on the ears really bad this year. It was horrible, so I treated her ears and went out to buy a horse mask. It of-course didn’t fit correctly, but enough to allow the ears to heal and for the flies to stay off her face. Next year I’ll have two adults and a baby. The calf will be born at the end of July, so I’m really concerned about the flies. I hope they make some to fit an Irish Dexter calf. They’re so much smaller.

  3. Laura Weldon says:

    Fixed the link.

    Some cattle realize the mask helps. Around here, Gustave the steer insists on remaining unmasked.

  4. Margaret Swift says:

    Isabelle is our favorite bovine, and we are so glad she has trained Laura to write wonderful articles about her. Very well done!

  5. emmalina73 says:

    Such a beautiful girl, she deserves to be a star!

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